Wireless Networking

Reasons to have a Wireless Network

Wireless networks are a great way to boost productivity and encourage information sharing. Allowing your employees untethered access to emails, applications, documents and other network resources your staff can roam where they need to be while having access to their documents, files, applications, etc. to do their jobs.

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Gain easier access to resources, increase collaboration and mobility, increase responsiveness, easily expand your network, increase security and limit guest access. 

How Businesses Take Advantage of Wireless Networking

Collaboration & Mobility


Employees can roam the office without losing a connection and this also allows them to work together more effectively. Allowing up to the minute communication with all the applications and documents on your network. Also, by utilizing voice over wireless LAN tech they can also have roaming capabilities with their voice communications.

Easier Access to Resources


Wireless LAN allows you to get more remote locations or new additions that are void of a data connection the ability to connect to your network and still provide access to all the resources on the network without the expense of running brand new data lines into an office. Adding wireless access points to a location such as a warehouse can make it easier and faster to manage and check inventory providing your company with accurate numbers in real time.

Increased Responsiveness


Your customers want a quick response to any concerns and queries they come up with. A wireless network can also improve your customer service by connecting your employees to the information they need when they need it.

Easy Network Expansion


A Wireless Networked LAN allows you to quickly add new users and to grow your network in a cost-effective way. If you add employees or reconfigure offices frequently you will benefit from the reliability and flexibility that wireless LANs provide.

Secure Guest Access


Alongside the wireless LAN for your business you can also provide a secure and separate wireless network for your customers, guests, partners and presenters. We also provide an amazing new service called Social Powered WiFi that allows you to populate data so you can target your online campaigns more effectively.

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