Small Business IT Services

Small Business IT Services

Servers, networking, workstations, cabling and more! We handle it all. We not only provide the best IT support in Santa Fe, NM we also provide the fastest response time for critical issues. Now is a better time than ever to work with 4Leet for your small business needs.

We’ve streamlined the process in providing around the clock support for all the technology that you use now and will use in the future for your small business.


We specialize with small business IT services in Santa Fe. If there’s a need for IT services for your small business, we have a package and a plan for you to minimize downtime, increase productivity and fix your bottom line. We have multiple tiers of small business IT support and would love to talk to you with absolutely no obligation.

Not only can we handle your day to day I.T. tasks but we can help you grow! We also provide cost effective online marketing services and consultation to help you intelligently invest in numerous online ad platforms. We know what works, what doesn’t work and how to get you the best results possible.

What are Small Business IT Services? 

Improve your staff efficiency, productivity, and increase your overall revenue with managed services. 

Allow us to take full responsibility for your network. We  offer unlimited support, and monitoring of your entire network. We ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently, so you can do what you do best. 

Hardware Monitoring

We help resolve minor issues before they become major catastrophes with our hardware monitoring service included with all I.T. plans.

24/7 Availability

Does your small business operate unusual hours? Well don’t worry! Just call our after hours phone number and our techs will answer the call of duty! The phone number is a secret, reserved just for you!

Remote Support

To ensure the quickest resolution time we provide remote support as step one (Tier 1) support. We are able to resolve most small business IT issues in less time than it takes for us to drive over there. For the more complicated stuff, we roll to you as soon as your ticket is escalated.

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